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How to choose and manage secure passwords

Every day brings a scary new story about online subscribers, commenters and shoppers getting their “secret” passwords stolen, and even exposed to the world.

In an embarrassing development, some users who consider themselves internet savvy were hardest hit in late 2010:

Readers of Gizmodo, Lifehacker and other Gawker Media sites may be among the savviest on the Web, but the most common password for logging into those sites is embarrassingly easy to guess: “123456.” So is the runner-up: “password.

Choosing and managing safe, secure passwords seems like a pain, but it is easier than you might think.

Christopher S. Penn offers some timely tips:


Build backlinks: how to get backlinks fast, using Twitter

I just read a great post about how to build backlinks using Twitter, using the only Twitter management tool that lets you create branded links.

The folks at MarketMeSuite got an email from an enthusiastic user. She’d used MarketMeSuite’s unique ability to let you customize the “via”link that shows up in every tweets you send out. (Usually that line says something like “via web” or “via tweetdeck”, but with MarketMeSuite, you can customize that line to link to your homepage or blog!)

Here’s a screenshot of one of letter writer Julia Hutchins’ tweets:

build backlinks

As you can see, that underlined “via” line is a hyperlink that takes people to her site about American history.

Now, obviously this is good for traffic (and good for sales, too!).

However, there is another reason to use MarketMeSuite to “brand” your tweets this way. As Julia explains via email:


Best Twitter client gets better: new pricing, free blog hosting

My favorite Twitter client, MarketMeSuite, just announced new pricing for their terrific enterprise level Twitter management application.

I’ve used MarketMeSuite to manage multiple Twitter accounts (my own and my clients’.)

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I can’t live without it.

MarketMeSuite has features no other Twitter client application has, especially the free ones like TweetDeck, which are less robust or versatile.

Today MarketMeSuite announced a NEW lower price structure:

  • Monthly: almost free at $5.99 a month
  • Yearly: $59 a year (14 day money back guarantee)
  • Lifetime: $99 one-time (30 day money back guarantee)

After trying out MarketMeSuite, I came to rely on it. So I purchased a Lifetime license, which paid for itself quickly in terms of my own personal efficiency and my ability to manage my clients’ social media accounts. (MarketMeSuite lets you manage Twitter AND Facebook all from one interface!)


NEW! Learn WordPress blogging fast, with personal expert training

I’ve found WordPress pretty easy to use. Then again, I’ve been blogging on various platforms since 2000.

And I find it fun and satisfying to teach myself WordPress/blogging related stuff like using FileZilla to upload files to a server. But not everybody has the time, patience or inclination to do that.

I just signed up with BlogMe to put together my new resume/portfolio site (here it is.)

BlogMe gives you one (or more) WordPress blogs plus FREE hosting for a year. Too good a deal to pass up, and I really am pleased so far.

But today BlogMe announced that they’ll be offering two kinds of coaching on WordPress blogging.

This is great if you are a beginner, and/or just want to grab some tips from some expert WordPress blog users.

Here’s part of their announcement:


How I got 7000 Twitter followers (PS: thanks!)

I’ve written before about how I reached the 5000 Twitter follower mark. Today my main Twitter account hit 7000 followers! Thanks to everyone for following me.

This is a pretty good landmark, considering that:

a) my main Twitter feed links to my highly political, sometimes controversial blog, which means  from the very start, approximately 50% of the general public won’t be interested in what I have to say, and,

b) it took me a really long time to “get” Twitter.

(Actually, point “a)” isn’t all that strange. One of the paradoxes of the internet is that grabbing and holding onto a niche subject is an outstanding way to build a large following. Your mother always said, “You can’t please everyone” — and she was right.


‘WordPress made easy’: New blogging, hosting packages now available from BlogMe

Because I use the MarketMeSuite application for Twitter/Facebook, I got first dibs on their latest addition to their features:


With my new BlogMe account, I created a new WordPress blog, using one of the many really nice premium WordPress themes, and get free hosting for one year.

So I’m using one of the “” related domains I’ve been sitting on for years now, to experiment with a new online portfolio/resume site. I’ll let you know when it’s (more or less) done so you can take a look.

Anyway, today BlogMe is open to everyone. If you’re looking for a really affordable WordPress blog set up, check it out.

You can get one WordPress blog with the theme of your choice, with one year’s FREE hosting, for just $3.99.

OR you can buy a $39 package. That one time fee gives you 10 blogs and free hosting. (There are other packages available too.)


Digg gets Twitter-style social media makeover

The social bookmarking site Digg is one of the oldest ones around. If enough people “Dugg” your site or blog post by voting for it, you could get so much traffic your servers would crash.

The ultimate goal was to get on, and stay on, Digg’s famous “front page.”

Getting that temporary traffic boost from Digg was not only something you could brag about; it could also mean an increase in publicity and, most importantly, sales (if you had something to sell, that is.)

Digg hasn’t been without controversy. It was an open secret that opponents on both sides of the political arena “gamed” Digg by pushing stories that reflected their beliefs, while “burying” stories that didn’t.

And lately, Digg — the grandfather of social bookmarking — has faced competition from similar services. Older services like Digg and Technorati have been reinventing themselves to try to get back their old reputations and marketshare.


Get a free WordPress blog with free hosting, themes and more

As I told you a short time back, my favorite Twitter client software, MarketMeSuite, is offering fans like me a special bonus:

Starting next week, we get a FREE WordPress blog with premium themes, free hosting and more, just for being MarketMeSuite members.

That’s because they’ve started a new venture called BlogMe that will soon be open to everyone.

However, if you sign up for MarketMeSuite (it helps manage your Facebook, Twitter,, RSS feeds and more, all in one place), you get your BlogMe WordPress blog FREE.

(Of course, if you just want a WordPress blog, hosting, themes and that’s it, then simply visit directly and find out more about the different levels and options available.)

Either way, you get to start blogging for the first time — or add a new blog to your “collection” of existing sites.


Get a FREE WordPress blog, thanks to MarketMeTweet

Yeah, I know: I’m always telling you about how much I prefer the MarketMeTweet Twitter client to TweetDeck.

I was planning on NOT posting about that subject for at least a few days, when I got an email from Tammy, who runs MarketMeTweet:

Here’s the email — see what you think:

“Today  I wanted to tell you about our newest app we have in the works. It’s called “BlogMe” and it’s THE easiest, quickest, and inexpensive way to get yourself a premium blog theme and be up and running in minutes.

  • Complete WordPress Hosting Install
  • Over 75 Premium WordPress Themes (Woo Themes & Studio Press…. and more coming all the time!)
  • Email Service
  • Plugins for every occasion
  • Latest Version of WordPress
  • Pre-Filled with Content to make customizing a breeze
  • 1 Year of Free Hosting for every new site