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Build backlinks: ideas on how to get Google backlinks using Twitter

As I’ve told you before, I use a special Twitter application called MarketMeSuite to manage my social media accounts.

One unique feature of MarketMeSuite is that it lets you “brand your tweets.”

These customizable links go out in every tweet you send through MarketMeSuite. In turn, all these Twitter-links get noticed by Google.

And the more of these backlinks you have, the more important Google thinks your website is.

All that adds up to your site making it to Google’s first page that much faster!

A NEW article provides a checklist for using Twitter and Facebook for Google SEO purposes. This expert on search engine marketing suggests, among other things, that “tweets can influence [Google] rankings (possibly) more than links!”

She reminds readers to use URL shoteners that create a “301 redirect” with your link, so you won’t lose any of the precious “link juice” that points searchers (and Google) to your page.


Twitter marketing ROI: ideas for measuring social media ROI

Marketing on Facebook and Twitter is gaining in popularity, but remains a hard sell to company “suits” because return on investment (ROI) is still difficult to measure.

Here are three new articles from about advances in measuring Twitter ROI:

“3 Simple Twitter Marketing Rules That Will Increase your ROI”

Kyle Lacy, Principal of MindFrame and author of the book, “Twitter Marketing for Dummies”and Terametric webinar panelist on “How to Measure and Maximize Twitter marketing ROI,”shared the ratio for effective balance of Twitter conversation, marketing, and sharing for social media.

These were:

Share your content, share partner content and share industry content evenly.

“2 Reasons Why Twitter Marketing ROI is More Difficult to Measure than Facebook Marketing ROI”


Political Twitter: top Twitter political influencers of 2010

Twitter is a great political campaign tool, especially when used with Twitter management software that lets you run geo-targeted, local campaigns. (And you know what they say: “All politics is local”!)

Previously, for example, I shared a case study here about how to use Twitter as part of a political or public policy campaign.

Which politicians were the winners and losers on Twitter in 2010?

According to Twitter reputation management experts

“When it comes to influence in 2010, Las Vegas and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid had it.

“The city and the Senate majority leader made separate top 10 social media lists put together by a California-based company called Klout, which analyzed Twitter feeds from last year. (…)

“Reid came in No. 7 on the top 10 list of most influential politicians who were the topic of tweets.


Geo-targeting, crowd sourcing and Twitter: a case study

Via the trendwatchers at Springwise comes this cool example of how people are using Twitter:

“DJs, promoters, label reps and ‘professional party people’ from the Netherlands have persuaded Dutch airline KLM to add an extra flight to its roster.

“In a new twist on crowd-buying, the initiators of Fly2Miami made a bet with KLM on Twitter to organize a non-stop flight from Amsterdam to Miami.

“If Fly2Miami could get 351 seats reserved before December 6th, KLM would add a flight to its schedule on 21 March 2011, specifically for people attending the Ultra Music Festival and related parties.

“The initiative was prompted by a Dutch filmmaker tweeting about the lack of a direct flight from Amsterdam to Miami, a query that the airline’s Twitter team rapidly responded to with a wager.

“Exceeding everyone’s expectations, the flight was fully booked within five hours.


Geo-targeting: local marketing ideas for small business, using Twitter

Here’s an excerpt from a must-read article by Tammy Fennel, of MarketMeSuite.

MarketMeSuite is my favorite Twitter client and social media account manager.

MarketMeSuite is the smart alternative to similar apps like TweetDeck. MarketMeSuite has lots of great features, and just one of these lets you find Twitter users in a particular area.

This is great for small businesses trying to generate buzz, and revenue, in their area.

For example, this feature is ideal for theatre owners and concert promoters, restaurants, real estate agents — the possibilities are endless.

Keep reading for a special VERY limited time offer from MarketMeSuite.

But first, here’s one of Tammy Fennel’s case studies about how to use MarketMeSuite for geo-targeting and local marketing:

“…what IS geo and niche-targeting?

“In basis, it is a clever algorithm which will find users near you who are talking about keywords associated with your geo-target marketing campaign. Let’s look at two people who are using it right now.


Twitter Analytics: is a free tool to measure your Twitter stats finally on the way?

Anyone who uses Twitter for business wishes Twitter offered a way to see their stats: how to see which tweets were the most popular, for instance — and unpopular, like the tweets that made people unsubscribe.

We’re all used to having statistics about our blogs and websites at our fingertips. We use these statistics to see who has linked to us, what keywords people used to find our site and lots more.

Now it looks like Twitter is getting ready to offer similar statistics for our Twitter accounts and streams.

Twitter has invited a select group of users to try out the new ‘Analytics’ feature. The feature is now in beta testing. No word on when this free tool will be available to every Twitter user.

MarketingPilgrim reports:


Build backlinks: how to get backlinks fast, using Twitter

I just read a great post about how to build backlinks using Twitter, using the only Twitter management tool that lets you create branded links.

The folks at MarketMeSuite got an email from an enthusiastic user. She’d used MarketMeSuite’s unique ability to let you customize the “via”link that shows up in every tweets you send out. (Usually that line says something like “via web” or “via tweetdeck”, but with MarketMeSuite, you can customize that line to link to your homepage or blog!)

Here’s a screenshot of one of letter writer Julia Hutchins’ tweets:

build backlinks

As you can see, that underlined “via” line is a hyperlink that takes people to her site about American history.

Now, obviously this is good for traffic (and good for sales, too!).

However, there is another reason to use MarketMeSuite to “brand” your tweets this way. As Julia explains via email:


HootSuite Twitter client launches premium accounts. Are they worth it?

It was free to everyone for a long time. Now the popular “social media dashboard” HootSuite is offering users different levels of service and features — for a price.

These new HootSuite plans range from $5 to $100 a month, and will provide Twitter “power users” with “an ad-free UI, enhanced stats, and multiple RSS feeds, social networks and team members.”

Mashable also reports that:

“The company’s Enterprise Package (Star Trek reference intended) weighs in at around $1,500 per month or $2,000 per month if you want to use a vanity URL shortener.

“This service is as deluxe as its pricetag…”

Other new and/or improved HootSuite features will include scheduled updates, plus Facebook, RSS and integration.

All I can say is:

Now that HootSuite is charging users money — sometimes lots of it — I’m so glad I picked MarketMeTweet as my premium Twitter client for power users.


Rush Limbaugh: ‘There’s no way to make any money on Twitter’

“There’s no way to make any money on Twitter.”

Talk radio megastar Rush Limbaugh just declared that he’s finally ready to embrace Facebook, mostly as a place to post photos from his recent wedding.

(UPDATE: click HERE for Rush’s new Facebook page.)

However, Twitter is another story. He said on the air this week:

“Facebook has finally progressed to the point that it is ready for us, and so we’re going to have a Rush Limbaugh Facebook page.  We’re not going to let people post to our wall, that’s not going to happen, but it will be a Facebook page where we will release the wedding pictures and that will then point, of course, to  The two will be inexorably linked.  I’m not going to do Twitter.  There’s no way to make any money on Twitter.  Twitter is just fad type stuff.  Facebook is entirely different.”


How to use Twitter as part of a successful political lobbying campaign

Earlier this year, I was called in to run the social media aspect of a political lobbying campaign.

The campaign was a success, in no small part due to my use of Twitter:

  • I “branded” the client’s tweets with a permanent link to their website
  • I used a trustworthy Twitter application to help maintain our follows and unfollows
  • I tied our campaign to an easy two-word keyword phrase we wanted to “own” for the next 30 days

First, let’s look at the basics:

The client — a mid-sized professional association — undertook a 30-day campaign, pressuring politicians to take their side on a particular issue.

During the month, the campaign got articles and op-eds on the subject placed in major media, pushed TV and radio shows to talk about it, and wrangle meetings with politicians who could help them achieve their 5-point program.